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Little pesky critters

Wonderful sunshine and mild summer evenings, if it would not be for the mosquitoes. Whether you are sunbathing at the lake or having a BBQ in your own backyard, there is no place where you are safe from mosquitoes. home.ch shows you how to control these nasty little vampires at home.

First go and get some window screens. They help you that you are not only suffering from sweltering heat during the summer nights but these also keep mosquitoes out. It is important that the screens truly cover the entire window frame. The tiniest gaps are sufficient for mosquitoes to pay you a visit. Various manufacturers are specialized in this segment. If you want to install your mosquito screen in the perfect do-it-yourself manner then OBI offers you help in form of a You Tube video.

Mosquito netting
Mosquito netting is an alternative to insect screens. Mosquito nets are best installed above your bed. Today, the nets are made of polyester or nylon. They guarantee a night without bites. However, mosquito netting prevents air from circulating. The smaller the mesh size the greater the protection from insects. However, it decreases also the air exchange and lowers the comfort.
Insects can bite through the mesh. Therefore, it should not have contact with the body. In addition, there is netting treated with insecticides and therefore, they repel better the little pesky critters. The impregnated netting must be re-impregnated after several wash cycles.

Home remedies against mosquitoes
Home remedies that should deter mosquitoes make use of the insects’ sensitivity to smells. They hate strong plant odours. Therefore, essential oils with cinnamon, lavender, anise, lemon or eucalyptus are perfectly suited. Because these oils can irritate your skin, it is best to mix them with a neutral body lotion e.g. use four parts of the body lotion and one part of the oil. Then apply it onto your skin. In addition, you can put some drops of the oil on clothing or bed linens. Tomato plants, lavender or pelargoniums, commonly also known as geraniums help keep mosquitoes at bay on balconies. If you still got bites despite all the precautions then you can soothe inflammations with the anti-inflammatory properties of a cut onion and apply toothpaste against itching. Use ice cubes, aloe vera gel or aluminium acetate for their cooling effect. The effect is even greater the earlier you use it after the bite.
We at the home.ch team wish you lots of fun and a critter-free summertime.

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(DE)Helene Rudolf-Flück hat eine Ausbildung zur Hauswirtschafts- und Handarbeitslehrerin gemacht. Zurzeit unterrichtet sie an der GIBS Olten und der bäuerlich hauswirtschaftlichen Schule Wallierhof in Riedholz in den Fächern Wohnen/Reinigen, Wäscheversorgung, Gästebetreuung und Ernährung. Ganz aktuell bietet sie den Crash-Kurs «Fit für die eigene Wohnung» an. Helene wohnt mit ihrer Familie auf einem Bauernhof in Neuendorf (SO).

(FR) Helene Rudolf-Flück a acquis une formation d’enseignante en économie ménagère et en travaux manuels. Actuellement, elle enseigne à la GIBS Olten et à l’Ecole agricole de gestion ménagère Wallierhof à Riedholz; elle y traite les matières Habiter/Nettoyer, Linge et lessive, Suivi des invités et Alimentation. Sa spécialité la plus récente est un cours accéléré intitulé «En forme pour son propre logement». Helene et sa famille habitent une ferme à Neuendorf (SO).

(EN) Helene Rudolf-Flück is a qualified home economics and craft teacher. She now teaches at the GIBS Olten and at Wallierhof agricultural and catering college in Riedholz in the subjects of home management/cleaning, laundry, hospitality and nutrition. As a very topical offering, she is currently running the crash course “Fit to run your own home”. Helene and her family live on a farm in Neuendorf (SO).

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